QUI for MPlayer Title


Download QUI and/or button themes (NOT required, but look nicer) at SourceForge.

QUI requires at least QT and MPlayer. Aumix is also a recommended but not required app. It makes the volume controls in QUI much nicer. Additionally, lsdvd is now strongly recommended if you use QUI for DVD playing because it allows it to get an accurate length for the DVD. I also suggest using an up-to-date version of MPlayer (at least > pre3). QUI was developed in KDE, although I believe it should work in other WM's as well. I have managed to successfully compile and install it on my Mandrake 10.1 Official computer, and version .94b was successfully installed by a user on FreeBSD 5.2 (a long time ago:-). The RPM's available were built on a Mandrake 10.1 Official system, but hopefully they'll work on others as well.

In short:
KDE (for now, hope to get rid of this dep)
Strongly recommended:

At this point, I hope that no, or at least very few, bugs exist. Please let me know at cybertron@flashmail.com if you run into any.

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