QUI for MPlayer Title

Version Explanation

Stable: This is the latest version that I have released as officially stable. It is generally a safe bet that this will run well, but in some cases there may have been improvements in functionality since this release.

Development: This is the absolute latest version released. These are typically fairly stable, but there may be bugs, particularly in new features. The button themes listed on the download page may not always work perfectly with these either, although any problems should be minor.

Recommended: This is the version that I would recommend most people download. It will generally be the same as either the stable or development version, but it's possible that it could be somewhere in between if I made a large change in the last development version that I'm not entirely confident of. I include it because I may feel that a development version is actually more stable than a stable version but just hasn't undergone enough testing to declare it as such.

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