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The following are the basic hit statistics for all time. See also the SourceForge statistics.

Currently this page is inaccurate due to some changes on the SF web servers that no longer allow the counter to function properly. Eventually I'll fix it, but it's not a priority.

There have been 12060 unique visits to this site.
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Firebird: 27
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Konqueror: 609
Opera: 741
Internet Explorer: 1911
Netscape: 108
Safari: 175
Other/Unrecognized: 901

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Linux: 5605
*BSD: 84
Windows: 3891
Mac: 260
Other/Unrecognized: 1263

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mplayerhq.hu: 7258
SF.net: 588
My JustLinux.com sig: 738
Google: 707
None(Direct): 1128
Bots: 168
Other: 516

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Please note that this page is primarily for internal use only. It gives me a little more up-to-date stats than the sf.net page as well as showing me (and anyone else on my campus because to the script they appear to be me:-) some details about each visitor.