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  What is QUI for MPlayer? QUI is a GUI (I know, it's a nasty rhyme) for the outstanding command-line media player MPlayer. As of this writing, it was up to version 1.0 which should be completely bug-free (emphasis on the "should be" :-). It was mostly written to satisfy my need for a graphical media player in Linux that supported the WMA format, which I had ripped all of my CD's to in Windows. All of the other GUI's for MPlayer that I could get installed had playlist support that I found lacking, so QUI tries to emphasize the usability of the playlist. QUI is not a super customizable program that will cater to everyone, nor is it probably full-featured enough for people with thousands of audio/video files, but for my modest collection it is perfect (at least for me:-). It simply intends to provide a fairly simple but robust interface for playing music and movies in MPlayer.


  QUI currently has all of the basic media player functions one would expect to find. The basic controls (play, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, playlist manipulation) are all functioning. To some extent, it supports all of the file formats that MPlayer does (including DVD and VCD's), although some have minor problems playing due to issues with getting the file information from MPlayer.

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  The history of QUI is not very long at this point. It started from a combination of my need for a better MPlayer GUI as mentioned above and a class project which conveniently allowed me to work on it during school time. I can guarantee that I won't post the presentation or paper because they are both so outdated now that it's almost embarrassing. Anyhow, I wasn't originally sure if I wanted to try to release it, as I am a newbie in Linux, so I don't know a whole lot about software development for it. However, I decided that I had done enough programming in Windows that I could probably make a go of it, and since QUI turned out pretty well, I thought I'd try to give a little something back to the open source community. So here it is. I'm sure that's all you wanted to know about QUI and more.

Mar. 25, 2004 QUI hit 500 downloads on SF.net. It's amazing how much exposure a project can get on SF.net.

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