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Not especially pretty, but it works, and sometimes it even works well:-) The images on top are the latest and they get older further down the page. I only include images of parts that have changed, so that's why you may not see both the main window and playlist editor for each version. It just means that it looks the same as the last version with that part shown. There is a link to the archive at the bottom that contains all of the older images.

Version 1.71b


Another teaser of what will hopefully become support for skinning, insofar as that is going to happen. It will be pretty limited (button sizes and positions will be fixed), although that could change at some undetermined point in the future. And yes I know that background is really ugly, but it lets me know if everything is working right. Also, note that I could very easily still run into an unsolvable problem with this (the screenshot is somewhat of a mockup, it's usable but not good at all right now) so this still may not see the light of day.

Version 1.51b, 1.52b, 1.6, and 1.7b


A little teaser screenshot of 1.51b before it's even released - just so you know I actually have been doing all this stuff I'm reporting on the Version History. *Note: actually it has been released now* Fairly significant changes were made to the interface, which is one of a number of changes for this release. (Unrelated to QUI) Also observe that Milla's dress has changed color. I love the Gimp.:-)

Version 1.42


Nothing terribly new here, but do notice that the length of the DVD is correct now. Seeking in this particular one is badly broken (MPlayer problem, not QUI), but if it plays straight through it ends up right at that time.

Color Schemes


An example of just a few of the color schemes you could have in QUI. Anything you can dream up is possible though (within the limits of the three color scheming).

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