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I obviously haven't done anything with this project in quite a while now, which is mostly due to it doing pretty much everything I really need at this point. I intend to port it to QT 4 at some point and fix the MPlayer output parsing which is pretty broken right now, but I have no estimate as to when that will happen. Since I'm still using QUI myself though, I expect it to happen eventually. Also, note that compilation is broken on gcc 4.3+, which I believe is due to their cleanup of includes so some that were pulled in before no longer are (which is my fault, to be clear). A bug will be opened regarding this.

1.6 is going to stay as the recommended version for a while because of all the changes in 1.7b and 1.71b. The next release will likely be considered 2.0 because of the fairly significant changes.

In memory of Mike Watts: RTFM.

Site Updates

The site is just as out of date as everything else about the project right now.

Update Info

There hasn't been much in the way of updates lately. Other projects have taken up a lot of my time and this one has been good enough that I haven't been motivated to do much with it.

What's Here?

Rather than duplicating all of the information already in the project summary on SourceForge, this site is intended to give me someplace to post screenshots (I know, the SF pages provide for those too) and general information about QUI. It isn't fancy, but it's functional (most of the time) so it probably won't change much. If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to this address (after removing the obfuscation). You can also post to the forums on my SF.net project page.


Give me some feedback on the page, QUI, or anything else. Let me know that an actual human has been to this page and looked around enough to at least see this form. Fill in all the fields or fill in none of the fields and just click submit, I don't care! Please do note that anything you write here will be visible to all visitors, so I will have to remove anything inappropriate, and don't include your e-mail if you want to keep it private. Obfuscating your address might help avoid SPAM as well.

Oops, I forgot. This section is also broken now because of the new security policies on the SF servers. I might get around to fixing it, but again it's not much of a priority.

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